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Friday, February 15th, 2019 - Toyota
Nova Sw4 2017 Preço Price For 2020 Review

Nova SW4 2020. The new generation of SW4 has been completely renovated. With more modern design and strength, it is designed for those who are always ready for new challenges and achievements. It combines power and sophistication and reflects its signature on the chrome lines associated with the side. The optical collection of the headlamps and the electric LED lamp brings technology and purification to the car lines. The 18-inch alloy wheels add more durability to your design.

The new diesel engine offers more power and efficiency, with 25% more torque and reduced fuel consumption. The new 20% tougher frame ensures a more robust, durable and robust structure. The 6-speed automatic transmission changes with paddles in the steering wheel, according to management standards, providing better efficiency.

The new SW4 brings the best onboard experience. Its new and more modern interior design, with a soft texture and touch finishes, provides the comfort you need. The new multimedia system Toyota play with 7 “provides convenience for GPS functions, digital TV, DVD, MP3, USB, Bluetooth, and rear camera .which makes the car at the touch of a button.

The model was larger in width and length, but smaller in length. Other editions of the car are due to headlamps, bumpers, as well as floodlights. Who likes to launch the car cannot ignore the news gadget that has everything to be a sales phenomenon in Brazil. We’re talking about Toyota Hilux SW4, a model originally produced in Japan, but since 2005 came from Argentina.

In 2016 the model underwent a reworking and his new generation came with many changes, mechanical and visual.

Speaking of the new look of the Toyota Hilux SW4 in 2018, this tool has increased in length and width, but its height was slightly lower. Other news of the mighty is due to headlamps, bumpers, as well as torches.

Car industry also made changes to the car, plates, for example, different, changed their position controls and all the final parts are metallic color. The arm used to choose the transaction was changed by a more efficient button.

Speaking of its engine since that year, the Hilux SW4 already contains two types of flexible motors. The new generation of 2018 comes with a 2.8-engine of 16 valves, turbodiesel and 177 horsepower. There is also a choice of 4.0 V6 24 petrol valves with 238 horsepower. The above versions contain a six-speed automatic gearbox with a 4 × 4 traction force.

The 2.7V version has a 16V engine that offers a performance of 163 horsepower when fed with ethanol and is powered by 159 hp of gasoline. Torque capacity can reach 25 kgfm, regardless of fuel.

The Hilux SW4 2018 will come in the following versions:

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– Hilux SW4 SRX DIESEL A / T 4X4.

When we talk about a new car, consumers will soon want to know the serial elements of each copy. If this is also your curiosity, see below for the 2018 release articles:

· Hilux SW4 SRX DIESEL / V6 petrol A / T 4X4 series automatic six-speed, 5 and 7-seat automatic glove with keys, dampers, chrome radiator, black border in the center console and steering wheel (12 V), high headlamps and low halogen manual leveling adjustment Manual headlamp, automatic activation of headlamps, seat covers in brown cloth, multimedia communication system with 7 “:” Toyota toys “with GPS4, Digital TV5, DVD, MP3, connection assistant, USB and Bluetooth, among others.

* Hilux SW4 SRX diesel A / T 4X4 automatic sequential 6-speed, 5 and 7-seater, alloy 18 “rear parking sensor, LED backlight, spoiler, steering wheel with integrated phone, audio and video controls, Universal clamp system to ensure the baby seat in the back seat, standard wood finish on the center console and steering wheel, and others.

The Hilux SW4 2018 comes with a 2.7 engine. It has 4 doors and a manual change of 5-speed gear. In 14.7 seconds, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h, to a maximum speed of 163 km. 2,694 is a displacement of 163 horsepower and torque capacity of 25 kgfm (g). The rear brakes are the roller, and the front brakes are disc brakes and ventilation. The trunk is 590 liters, with hydraulic steering and a maximum capacity of 80 liters of fuel.

– Hilux SW4 SRX DIESEL / GASOLINE V6 A / T 4X4: starting at 164,320 RS;
– Hilux SW4 SRX DIESEL A / T 4X4: from Rs. 244,350.

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