New Ford Torino Concept Are Ready For The Comeback

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 - Ford
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2019 Ford Torino. Cinematography and television programs offer memorable moments. One of the cars that popularized Starsky and Hutch was Ford Torino. The red sports car was perfect for pursuits and acrobatics. But hey, this was not the special car that was tuned to the show. Before coming to Starsky and Hutch in a few years, Torino entered the market. It was discontinued in 1976 and can now be renamed the 2018 Ford Torino.

The Ford Ford Torino and Gran Torino 2019 are likely to return in the near future. This muscle car will definitely hit markets next time, however, Ford will delay its launch. While Blue Oval is silent, we will try to provide you with up-to-date information and updates.

Ford Torino is a sports car, a living legend will hit the road again. The new model will not be shared primarily with its predecessor. Gran Torino’s performance version is also displayed, but Ford refuses to publish its price or date of arrival. Torino was especially famous for the Starsky and Hitch television program, where it was legendary. Now, four decades later, Torino is very likely to return.

2019 Ford Torino Exterior & Interior

The new Ford Torino 2019 looks very modern and attractive. The body generally has low seats and seems very aggressive. This sports car comes with sharp lines, especially on the hood. The bumper looks great, which was the highlight of the last model. The front grille looks elegant and futuristic. We have to wait for the full 2019 Torino and Gran Torino exterior specifications but expect a very modern alloy edge and a distinctive rear end.

The interior is modern as it is exterior. On the other hand, they are very comfortable and provide cubed leather seats as standard. The cab is a fantastic combination of retro style and modern appearance, not less than expected from Ford. In addition, the accents are displayed in wood and chrome, but we prefer the traditional indicator on the digital indicator. The cabin is larger than before and very simplistic. Buttons and controls are placed very well, and we can see many beautiful shapes and other marks of elegance. The optional premium audio system is what everyone expects from this sports car.

Specifications of the 2019 Ford Torino engine

The biggest question about the 2018 Ford Torino is its transmission. It is still doubtful whether the oval blue automaker will choose an existing engine or create a new engine. Although Turin is a very athletic car, we do not expect Ford to point out the strength figures. After all, there are two models Gran Torino and GT have a greater relationship to performance and less with the provision of fuel. The 2.7 liter V6 is the most realistic option with 320 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque.

When you put Ford and sports car in the same sentence, Mustang is the first association. On the other hand, Gran Torino returned on days that it was one of the most popular sports cars on the planet. With news indicating the return of Turin, shaking the car world, mainly due to this special model. The Ford Gran Torino 2019 is a performance-oriented model, just like the Torino GT. Comes with more muscular and aggressive, and of course, amazing performance. There is no official information about engine specifications, but we expect Ford to make a surprise figure.

2019 Ford Gran Torino Price and Release Date

Ford refuses to provide official information on the prices of the Ford Torino and Gran Torino 2019. While the price brings a big question mark, some sources say that this car will be on sale during the second quarter of 2019.

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