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Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 - BMW
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BMW M9. German automakers have repeatedly left BMW fans and critics, so the BMW M9 concept will certainly be the last thing to do. It must be the best and coolest car ever designed. This is because the manufacturers were specific when designing a couple outside the BMW design. But some elements bear a strong resemblance to the BMW M1. Since the prototype is still a secret, you can talk a bit about the BMW M9. One thing is certain: it will undoubtedly revive the BMW supercar market.

With the introduction of the BMW M9, this German automaker can finally offer a true representative in the supercar segment. We can also see a lot of the luxury cars offered by this car manufacturer, which offer a lot of performance-oriented models, but the date with the M9 could have been quite different since it could have been a competition for vehicles like the Ferrari 458 or even the Ferrari 488 GTB.

At this point, everything is still in the rumors and what we have heard is that this new model can be introduced as the 2016 version. This would perfectly fit the centennial of BMW and will undoubtedly be praised and received by a large number of fans. The pictures shown are representations of the BMW M9 only, but they certainly have an impressive appearance, and if something similar comes to the market, we are sure it will cause a fuss.

BMW M9 Specifications

The original rumors indicated that the transfer of the i8 model to the M9 would be modified and that we would get another hybrid, but this time with a slightly higher power. A set of the six-cylinder engine must be made in line with the help of an electric motor. With this configuration, its engine power can exceed 500 hp and an impressive torque of 800 Newton per meter for good electric motor and a large amount of torque can be provided from 0 rpm. On the other hand, from another source, we can hear that this car will not be offered with a hybrid generation kit and that it will only offer a standard engine, but power is not advertised.

BMW M9 Concept

Regardless of the option offered by the BMW M9, it is crucial that you place everything in a lightweight structure and again, the i8 configuration can be an excellent starting point. Large amounts of carbon fiber mean a high level of strength and low weight, which confirms that this model can easily overcome stronger compounds in the line and acceleration in a straight line. The handling will be excellent, we used to get a lot in this BMW category, but with additional improvements and light litigation application, it can be moved to the next level.

If BMW wants to bring rivals to the Ferrari 458, it will have to offer more than great offers. The acceleration should be from 0 to 62 mph in about 3 seconds, while the maximum speed should be higher than 200 mph. With these numbers, the BMW M9 can meet most drivers. One of the things we really liked about these shows is the fact that one of the models comes from the top down, and it’s not clear whether all models will have that option or, most likely, there will also be a convertible version.

The design of the BMW M9 is a truly unique piece of art. The aggressive features and crazy curves developed to recreate the best possible aerodynamics and performance are something we can see in the pictures. Everything is unique, from the wheels forward, from the grill to the taillights. What we can expect is the latest technology, such as LED lights on both ends, and even in some of the images available, no side mirrors may mean that BMW will use cameras instead of standard side mirrors. This is highly unlikely as there are no regulations yet, so they can be dropped in a ready-made version of the production.

The interior is equally impressive and we have only one image from the inside, we can agree that it will closely follow the exterior appearance with respect to individuality. It is clean and neat, with just a few buttons that allow you to control most functions, plus a large screen in the center console that provides you with all the important details about the engine, navigation, climate control, entertainment and the like. Behind the wheel is a small but configurable screen that we believe will change with a larger unit with similar capabilities.

One of the things that do not appear in the pictures inside the BMW M9 are the tools for change. We are sure that the automatic transmission will be provided, but it will undoubtedly come with manual control and the most obvious option is to get it with the arms of change. Since this is just representation, we are certain that the production version will bring some changes to this section.

BMW M9 Release Date And Price

It is difficult to predict the price. At this point, we still do not know what kind of payment the BMW M9 will take, the full amount of power it will provide and will be competitive against the supercar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati and the like. The future BMW i8 is truly impressive and priced at $ 136,500, while the price of the Ferrari 458 starts at $ 239.340, the expectations are that the M9 price will be set at $ 200,000 or slightly higher.

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